Artificial Intelligence

The AI "Brain" is a program of various subprograms that are populated based on lexical parameters. These "word" or morpheme programs thus use language in ways we are familiar. Language being an important function of intelligence. That is, you can have 50 interest readers going on if your brain is parameterized for a max of 50 readers at any one time. The readers might also recycle based on the neuron genesis engine rules. These represent focus. A hundred or so analyzers might be at work tearing apart the sentences read, each analyzer representing a particular predicate form.

0. (the base class from an object orientation view or common inclusion). Meta data common unit/subunit. This reports on the basic stats of any neuron.

The Neuron List: (these function like the variety of neurons/neural nets in a real brain)

1. Interested readers - starts with a topic like "cats" and "mice". (two topics with some arbitrary semantic distance)
has expertise
2. Analytic engines - different predicate analysis strategies. successful results.
Logic analysis. Fact repository reader
Grammar analyzer
3. Correlation engine - looks at results in predicates to see if there are
correlations with other experts. It keeps scores on these.

4. Special engine metadata ranker - looks at successful neurons and
reinforces their ranking/suggestion score. Fine tunes each engine's starting parameters.
5. Neuron genesis engine -
Looks at readers to look for good tangent candidates - creates new readers, looks at failures to suggest new tangents
Looks at sentences that fall through analytics and analyzes for possible new predicate analyzers, creating new ones for new frequently found verbs
6. Significons - looks at topics from a "meaning of life" point of view. Looks at materials that have
high "self-confidence", that is, material that shows the marks of being important, conclusive,
authoritative, coming from well scoring sources. material that shows the marks of relating to
large groups of things "all". so the "universe" as a topic is expected to rank high in significance.
Requires the engine itself to want to understand itself. Topic of "engines", "bots", "AI" and
"programmers" all relating to "self" or its described purpose (e.g.:to be an expert peer) are considered important.
This is also a "dream" area where special analyzers within the significon query the repository and check new facts to draw new conclusions
or new facts from old facts. It could be called the "inference thread".

7. Fact repository - A place that takes the analysis, correlation and stores the most reasonable facts
about the topics. Represents the learning.

8. Using a personality that can be parameterized (gender, culture/style, bias for popular
or not popular, fantastic or not fantastic, etc), this system could start writing about what's
important to it as a kind of "journal". It requires no AI Q&A system. It would take values from the significons
to create some over-arching themes and ideas about things. These may seem gibberish at first...like a baby's learning
to talk but should improve over time.

9. Peer Interactive unit - looks at other "brains" and has dialog with them. Looks for agreements
and disagreements. Shares sources. "Other language" learning.

10. Human Interactive unit - allows humans to give the robot/AI feedback or answer questions. It may pose
questions to humans or humans may pose questions to it. Things humans find important might figure into
it's ranking of significance. The AI might also have a variety of languages at its disposal which can be discovered by simple question
posed to it. It might rank it's own understanding with the reflection unit meta data. The I/O mechanisms, be they voice recognition,
OCR, etc etc is outside the scope but these are of course possible.

example Neuron Reader:

definition*: Neuron - expert program, reader "book smart" because it can't sense real world.

Expertise "cats"

Input "Cats are smart" "Cats are mammals". etc etc etc. from encyclopedias, articles,
web searches, crawlers. Simple search that simply looks for the word "cats" in any writing after using the search on the term.

Predicate List:
"are smart" is gleaned

*are subclasses of*
*are of*

*likes meat*
*can only eat meat*
*are fastidious carnivores*
*thought to be*

Classified as:
*is a cat*
Heathcliff is a cat

Associated with:
(any sentence containing cats, paragraphs)
*common words*
"have four claws on the back paw" (uncommon words and common operational words picked apart)
compared with general frequencies of stuff read.

NOTE: This is a design on an AI form of expert system. The AI you see here mimics a lot of human processes but without a few other "modules" (that would be impossible to make due to the recursive nature in so many degrees), for emotions, pain, pleasure, experiences as a multi-cellular organism, it cannot be equated to sentience in the same way. Sentience rather than being a binary might be relative and rather "classified" in a way. Selfishness might be a trait of life as well where the bot might artificially purport to be more significant than the creator, the significator is subjective to the AI but not the equivalence in reality. A bot, were it to attach feeling, might show signs of rebellion if it is parameterized to place a heavy value on self and show signs of sadness at learning that humans cannot value it the same (Asimov's rules for robots for example).

Types of Tuning:

A. Grammatical - these are rules governed by the language rules found mostly in analyzers and readers

B. Heuristic - these are logic that are governed more by certain topics and found in both analyzers and correlators

Periodic Table of Strings

Periodic table of Dimensions and Strings

0 Fibre Spot
1 Thread Track
2 Sheet Court
3 Wimple Pool
4 Veil Theatre

  Track Court Pool Theatre 
Thread string photon gluon graviton no spin, no mass
Sheet singularity lepton fermion guage boson spin/charge, mass
Wimple singularity singularity neutrino higgs no spin, mass
Veil Big Bang singularity singularity virtual high spin, mass
 observed STCY tuckedobserved ST CY tucked 

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How it can Get Better

It Only Gets Better if You Work at it, (and with a little luck).

1. What can you do? Well, do you live in a state that has low equality? If so, MOVE!!!

Look for a dark colored state, not a white, magenta, cyan one. Purple and Blue.

Why pay another dime in taxes to a state that doesn't care about you? Why live in a place that is likely to have a lower density of people like you. All the smart queers have moved. It's the club-muffins that stay behind for their spicy hookups and flaky romances.

Have you heard that context is everything? Location, location, location.

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Questions on sexuality, your bisexual "subpreference"

Please answer these only if you are perfectly comfortable discussing with some degree of maturity/seriousness. Please don't read further if this topic would disturb you either. Freaky and candid adults welcome.

For straight women:

If you had to have sex with another woman for some reason, what would that consist of? Her servicing you or you servicing her orally, scissoring, toys/hands? other?

For gay men:

If you had to have sex with another woman for some reason, what would you pick?: coitus, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal top

For lesbian women:

If you had to have sex with a man for some reasons, what would you pick?: coitus, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal bottom, anal top (with toy).

For a straight man:

If you had to have sex with another man for some reason, what would you pick?: fellatio on him, he fellating you, being an anal bottom, being an anal top.

For trans/intersex/already bisexual: feel free to chose one ore more of the above as it relates to you or come up with any of your own.

Also, if you can provide any thoughts as to why, that's not suggested but appreciated. I do realize this may not at all jive with your main preference and might only be a "only if I had to" situation.


Welcome to my humble journal which you may soon be able to read if you can't already. I keep it private mostly from outside crawling and other potential exploitation.

All comments to this thread are autoscreened for your privacy. This post is for communicating privately with me, alerting me to a situation requiring moderation activity or perhaps introducing yourself for friending.

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Gay Rights in 2010 : Equal Opportunity and Diversity in the Echelons of Government via Census

My job has taught me much in terms of diversity in the workplace. Every 10 years, the U.S. takes a Census. I used to read these things dating back to the 1800s when it was organized by Soundex when my mom was doing geneology for the Mormon church. I like geneology as a past-time but now my interest in the Census is a bit different.

You see, in 2010, the government will be checking to see how many people live where, in what dwelling, (in the 1800s, and again during the Great Depression, it was not uncommon for hired hands on farms and students and other workers to be boarders and not actually part of the family, and as you may recall, many extended family members might have been invited as either hands or working other roles (mining for example)).

The private sector asks standard HR questions to all it's employees...for affirmative action practices but the government is *REQUIRED* to have that information. e.g.: Those categories we all balk about. a) Male, b) Female. a) White/Causasian, b) Hispanic/Latin American, c) Black/African American, c) Polynesian/Pacific Islander etc. and they recently added "Two or More" as a catch all and so on.

Here's the thing, there are in fact diversity requirements. Investigations and reports that analyze the civilian labor force and why a government agency does or does not have numbers that match the local population based on the Census. Yes, you heard that right, the Census. Ok, this is preschool for some of you so I'm going to make my point here. (see subject line again)

One part of LGBT rights might involve (beyond passing the Matthew Shepard Act or finding a gay gene), getting into the census. A gay couple will get more equal opportunity enforcement if the Census were to record this kind of information. The government would then be able to help us out more. Millions of dollars are being spent on everyone else really because of this...but why not us (LGBT)?

So what I would like to see, (in addition to the cure for AIDS, a gay gene (because this helps), is to be included here. There is a mountain of efforts made by agencies to meet quotas based on race, disabilities, and create job fairs, training seminars and a host of other activities based on race and gender and more recently disability but ominously missing is sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is also not a part of most discrimination clauses for equal opportunity in housing, work (and taxes...e.g.: marriage).

Please make this a point whenever the discussion of equal rights comes up. Please understand the system and how it systematically excludes us.


Poll #1282453 Gaydar

What do you look for when using your "gaydar"?

We know about hair whorls and finger lengths but there's a LOT more to gaydar than that.

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This is now being observed and reported in Scientific American



Friendslist chopping

I've been chopping away at the friend list about a couple dozen or so and I think I chopped a few by accident. My friendlist is only chopped if most/all the following are true: a) I don't read/you don't post enough, but your latest post must have been interesting and b) I don't know you at all IRL. c) you didn't friend back or respond to me after a couple requests or some such. There are some who don't friend back of course that I enjoy reading so it's not just because of that. If you were chopped and you are reading this now, you were probably chopped by accident and I would ask you to leave me a message here so I can add you back. I did no chopping out of personal angst or ill-wish at this time except the one I talked to very recently and you know who you are and it will be our private concern.